Whitetail Deer

I currently offer both Rifle and Bow hunts in KS and MO for trophy whitetails. Both areas have been leased or owned and strictly managed for trophy deer by Prairieland Outfitters for as long as 14 years. I have always taken pride in the fact that I have never placed a hunter in a stand that I would not want to hunt myself. With over 10,000 acres leased and owned there are simply not enough days in the season for me to hunt them all. Placing whitetails hunters in great areas allows me to experience each hunt through the nightly tales of their hunt. I also have always tried to take as few whitetail hunters as possible and still maintain quality property, treestands and equipment used on the hunt. I typically will only have one group of whitetail hunters on a property per year. In most cases when you arrive for your deer hunt you will be the first and last hunter of the year to hunt deer in that area. By doing this we have experienced high success rates and very high quality of trophy deer taken. It also allows the hunter to feel a part of the deer management program by passing deer that they know will be there next year when they return. 

Since I take a very limited number of deer hunters and most of my clients are repeat customers, availability is very limited. Give me  a call soon to customize your trophy deer hunt that will work for you.



 Archery, Regular Fire Arm



Muzzleloader, Archery, Regular Fire Arm, Extended Fire Arm (antlerless only)

2020 Dates

2020 Dates

Archery Sept. 15- Nov 13

Nov 25 - Jan 15, 2020

Rifle Nov 14 - 24

Licensing Institution

Missouri Department of Conservation


Archery Sept 14 - Dec. 31

Rifle Dec 2 - 13

Muzzleloader Sept 14 - 27



Licensing Institution

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks


Hunting information and regulations are subject to change. For the latest information on season dates, application deadlines and license or permit cost please visit the appropriate licensing institution.




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