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Due to new New Mexico regulations, we no longer offer Elk Hunts in New Mexico

Elk - New Mexico

I work closely with a very large landowner in Central New Mexico that owns approximately 18,000 acres of awesome elk habitat. This property has been managed for elk for years providing a great bull to cow ratio and age structure. The property has an extensive road system and a very nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath fully furnished cabin right in the middle of the elk. The property is located in the Zuni Mountains of Unit 10 approximately 90 miles West of Albuquerque. It is in the high desert country covered with Pinion and Juniper in the lower areas and large pines and oak brush in the higher elevations. This property has a live water system throughout providing a constant water source to the elk, deer and bears. The elk hunt is very easy and can be done with very limited physical conditioning. Elk hunters typically hunt water sources in the evening and spot and stalk and call in the mornings. Success is very high and the quality is awesome. All elk hunts are unguided and each hunter is provided with a landowner voucher providing them with a guaranteed New Mexico Elk tag. 

I am currently offering archery only packages for up to 4 hunters at a time beginning early in September. 

Licensing Institution

Hunting information and regulations are subject to change. For the latest information on season dates, application deadlines and license or permit cost please visit the appropriate licensing institution.

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