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Anthony Q. Lopez

Anthony was the behind the scenes strength of PLO!  Many of us experienced his strength in more ways than one!  If it was moving a piece of equipment that four guys couldn’t budge to making duck wrapped in bacon, tracking a wounded animal for hours on end, hanging stands, getting you going when you thought you just couldn’t go anymore,  or just putting an arm around you and telling you that it would be ok….Anthony was that guy.

In the event a hunter would get frustrated or discouraged, Anthony would embrace them, and give them the sideline pep talk.  “You need to keep your head up, work harder and get back in the game….you can’t make wall mounts from the sofa! “

Anthony believed that the bumps in life where the tests in life to make us better.

No matter what you needed help with Anthony would be there.  Whenever it was time to get going, Anthony was always first one to the door with his coat, hat and gloves on. He did so much for everyone.  He loved the outdoors and loved meeting and helping people equally as much.

Anthony was your instant friend.  Anthony never judge anyone.  He simply accepted that everyone is different and reminded us all that we needed to respect that and each other.  The life lessons that Anthony taught us all are invaluable.

Prairieland Outfitters will forever hold Anthony close to our hearts.

Go with the "Strong North Wind" our Friend and my you forever rest peacefully.

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